Neuro plasticity

Neurological Physical therapy is based on the principles of neuro plasticity. Neuro plasticity means ability of our brain to adapt and relearn the activiites affected by a neuropathological event.

Research has shown that there is a heightened state of neuro plasticity after an event such as a stroke. This heightened ability of our brain leads to increased chances of relearning and improving strength, balance, gait. The recovery is at a much higher rate right after a stroke. The rate of recovery decreases but not stop after first 6 months or so. The recovery continues at a slower pace after first few months.

Deconditioning after a stroke is common as well. Ongoing exercise is the key to MAINTAINING gains made in physical therapy after a neurological event as well as preventing decrease in level of function after formal physical therapy concludes.

If you have question about your level of function send us an email and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Priti Chitale